Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Well I Have A Few New Ideas

First: A new forum RPG. We have all these fake places, and storys comeing to life. But what if we just made a blog that was a town. And people came and went. A store, a bank, a (all that is in a town.)

Second: We have all this priting software, were you can download stuff on to your comuter via P2P, but what if we started to make web pages like that. Have a programe that keeps track of computers and there IP's, very much like P2P it would only work when the user has the programe running, and is online. But it is an idea.

Third: I think we all the HPfans might want to think about graveyards. Why? Well, on the POA dvd the director slips about Graveyards being importent.

Last: I have a new blog Java SRC/Projects, so vist it.

Chase Whittemore


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