Saturday, January 08, 2005

Just thinking about understanding

Just thining about understanding and the seductiveness of not understanding. I wonder why we humans are so intreged by the thing we do not understand, but think we can. Like a poem, or a theroy, or a movies plot. What is it the drives us. See post on BWise.
Here is the perma link for the It is the question that drives us post. (which is what i was just talking about)


I just found out that i have to take the AB exam for computer science. So i guess that means, alot of working my but off. Learning data trees and bunch of other things that i was hopeing not to have to learn until i was in college.

I thaught i was going to take the A which is like a mile run compared to the marathon of the AB. Death to Matthew


Friday, January 07, 2005

BlindWords (New Post)

I have just added a new poem to BW. It is called World War G0n3. I hope to latter form this poem into a concret poem. But for now this is what I have. Please comment.

Thursday, January 06, 2005


okay, the title is bad, i know. But this has been a day of snow, snow, being given an assisment, and putting aside old ideas. Plus i have a new one.

First for the new idea. I started reading Cat's Craddle, (i am in the middle of Caves of Steal, so CC is on side), but i was inspried by CC to write about an atomic bomb. So alog with some insperation from another bloger, who does this weird concret poerty, i am going to have to say, i am makeing an Atomic Bomb Poem.

Also i met with my teacher today, and was given a nice new assignment. I have to, useing the 6 type of (something or other, i will post this word latter) discribe a person. That should be fun! I hope.

I talked about an idea for a story about a guy in a book store. Nope, don't like the idea (though i might have to try it)

On the computer Sci side of things, i am in the middle finshing up like 6 projects for my class and have no new ideas. Not that i have posted any on this page.

For any blindwise people, there is a new page around now. called EG, so go read it.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Book Store Boy

I mentioned the idea of some guy walking into a store and being like hey i am that guy, and signing alot of book, then asking for money. Well i think i might do a store with this dude, have him do some crazy stuff, it would be fun to write. So that is going to happen tongiht

Yeah! Yeah! Die! Die!

No, not the world, just a new song that i am about to listen to. While in my independent study in creative writing. I hope that it is good. My friend. Judson has been telling my about this alot, so we shale see. My friends live is here:

Also I think that I should go to a book store, clame to be some new age writer of peace, and sign books. Shake hands then ask the dude that own the place for my check. If he does not give me the cash, i can just wisper a curse over the store.

Pi, i think i might watch that latter today, but right now i am trying to figure out stuff.

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Got a new CD

In truth the new cd is really two.

T. Monk and mmhmm by relient k, they are both great.

I have been doing a lot of thinking on different idea for a story. I thaught i had one, but in truth it was not and idea, but yet like 50. So i put them all to the side, and now i am thinking about a new idea. So i have a few ideas. One is where a boy dreams that his parent never got divorced and then regrets it. The other one, a sprider is eatten and then the person dies, and there is this huge case trying to figure out what happens.

Dont know what to go with, but the matrix was right, it is the question that drives us.

Chase Whittemore

Welcome To The Year 2005

It is now 2005, I just thaught that I would post a little thing here, for any one who reads the blind posts, I am going to use this place to talk about random stuff, the other 3, will just be for edited and finshed ideas. So if i talk about an idea here, give me feed back. And if i say that the idea is done, click the link and go vist the post.

But fist i am going to say Denver Made it. Uncle Mike, i guess miricles still do happen.