Thursday, January 13, 2005

Foggy Day

Well do day was fun. I got to walk in the fog. I love the fog. Yeah any way, I took a ton of photos. When I got back to my house I opened the mail, and HO! there was my acceptance letter to college. OH YA

Here are today's updates to BLINDLENS:

War is not the answer, it is the process
Broken fence
Summer Playhouse
Tennisball Fence

Been looking around at a few other photo blogs. I have found two that I like a lot.

Scene from my life
Quarlo -NYC
Paris Photo Journal



I have just edited BLINDWORDS, so that all the poems that are on there, are spell checked. I have also added two new works. I have decided to give the first sentence of my work, so now you have more then names.

To Those Who Stop By (story)
[You can tell that it is fall. The cobbled stone pathways are chilled from the autumn night's air.]
Spoken Noise - Dumb Silence (poem)
[Noise over comes me, Holds me, Hurts me.]

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Snowy 12

Yeah! Okay today was the weirdest way to not have school. Well we did, for the first 4 hours. But then we got out. I went to a friends house and played Metroid Prime Echos. I must say it is a very fun game.

Been thining about putting together BLOGGER fourms. Which will work to help create and promto BLINDBLOGS. Will explane what they are soon.

Okay I have some new Photos.

Pushing the heat
Finger tappen fun
Black Mini Color

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

NOOBS (not that i am not one)

"Is your cup half empty or half full? The nominees in this category spilled whatever was in their cup and they're not bashful about whining, fussing, and ranting about it. Sometimes they're funny; sometimes they're caustic; sometimes they're just pathetic going on about something stupid (which is funny in its own right). What should really be amusing is to see them fight it out with each other for a Nubbie." - Espresso Sarcasm

If you want to get what that means GO HERE.

The 11th day of 2005's life

Well this morning (as in 1 am) I was up taking pictures of my room. It was fun, and addicting. I also took some of my lamp, which I must say was even more fun. Then I finished Caves of Steel, which is a good book. (It is one of the books that inspired I, ROBOT). Then I went to bed. Waking up at 6am was fun, because I got COFFEE. Then I went to school.

Okay that is my boring life. But while I was not doing the above. Or at least while I was not mentally doing the above, I began to think of a few new poems. None of which I have finished, so I have no new posts in BLINDWORDS, today. But I hope to have them tomorrow. I also have a few edits I am going to do tomorrow on BLINDWORDS.

Okay here are the new BLINDLENS links.

Let the light shine
Let the light shine red upon your lens
They are the few. The brave. The machines. (1)
These are the few. The brave. The machines. (2)
They bounce in joy, and rest in peace.

Thinking about added another blog to this thing. And maybe getting a few other people into it. Right now it is just me. But maybe a review section that covers games and books and movies. Maybe an online photo comic thing. I am thinking of going this way. So if you like BLINDBLOGS, leave a comment and I might see about adding you to the world of BLINDBLOGS.

Monday, January 10, 2005

If you are from Georgia, Atlanta, United States and reading this. Please tell me why. Then once you lie about that. Explane how you found my blog. I must say, I want to know.

If you are not, please do the same.

New Photos

I have added 5 photos to BLINDLENS:

Photo 1 (Flowers)
Photo 2 (Bathroom)
Photo 3 (Photo of Photo)
Photo 4 (Looking into the deep)
Photo 5 (Talk to the back)

Yeah, the first 3 were taken today. The others were taken in september.

New Poem

I have just written a new poem. And I have posted it at BLINDWORDS. I got the idea by looking at a blank page of paper for about ten minutes, willing my self to write. Truthfully, I asked the pen what it wanted to do. Then I was like, "Well that works." So here it is. Blank page! Pen! Man! Please tell me what you think.

Because I gotten a few comments from friends saying that my spelling sucks, I decided to spell check a little more. Though in my defense, I must say bloggers spell check it bad.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

New BlindBlog

I have added a new blog to my life. BLINDLENS, it is a photo journal of my life. I just got a digital camera, so i guess i have an excuess to use it. Right now the blog is still in the works so the pics are too big. But i will soon fix that.