Thursday, January 20, 2005

Yeah. That hurt. (sorry i can't spell check)

"Yeah that hurts." I said as my computer began to shut down programes i needed to work. "Hey." I added hopeing that the computer might stop. It did not and a few minutes latter i was trying to fix my computer. But i can't, see my e drive holds win 2000, where my c holds win 98. Well 2000 broke, but when i go to reinstall windows the setup can not see the e drive and i am left in the dark

Well this has to be one of the most anoyying things ever. I am running on my c drive right now, which luckly holds all my familys needed stuff, but it is alot smaller and will not beable to take all i need it to do, like run java.

Okay that was my life with windows, soon i will have suse, and things will be better. I HOPE

new pictures on (sorry, but i cant link this in 98)

i have joined a few blog rings.

vist them both. I am mdhislaer on them.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Well... well... well...

I have just joined and hopefully I will begin to get more visitors that way. Please check out my profile.

I also just watched a good movie called "Snow falling on cedars" all should watch it.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Our world effects our view.

I have just posted a new idea on BLINDWISE. It is not the deep, but please read.
[Our world effects our view.]
> [I have started to relize how one sentence can have so many different meanings.]

New Blog to watch

I just found this blog. For all my geeks readers, (If I had readers), go off to it. [Almost Geek]